From Mayor's Desk

In 1962 on an auspicious moment DNAA was started its maiden journey in rented premises at Sadhudanga, Durgapur – 1. Gradually almost eighteen years have gone to renounced of its previous name Durgapur Notified Area Authority (DNAA). Though,today Durgapur Municipal Corporation consists of 43 Wards and 5,66, 937 population (according to last census) with 154 Sq.Km. area. A multi functional and eventful activity has been started Shopping Mall & Complex like Junction Mall, Suhatta, Kanu Sidhu Indoor Stadium, Bhagat Singh Stadium etc. In this moment from the core of my heart, I express my gratitude to the citizens of Durgapur for their cordial and active co-operation

Very recently Durgapur has been declared as one of the Green Cities in West Bengal, keeping that in mind Durgapur Municipal Corporation has taken the initiative to prepare a “City Development Plan” as a perspective for the future development of the City. This CDP highlights a vision of an urban area that is ecologically friendly, technologically integrated, thoroughly planned with confidence on the use of information technology to improve efficiency. We strongly feel that a sound economic base can only help us in achieving all our desired goals. We, therefore, want computerization of various functions, introduction of GIS, better financial management, introduction accrual system of accounting, better transparency in plans and programmes and more active citizens, interface and interaction. At the same time we will try to create an enabling environment for revival of sick industries.

Most important aspect of this CDP is to provide “Citizen interface” i.e. making the Corporation activities Digital or implementing the e-Governance solution in Durgapur Municipal Corporation. On this occasion of launching THE DYNAMIC WEBSITE of Durgapur Municipal Corporation along with On-line Trade License and Social Beneficiary Scheme we assure you that very soon other citizen centric activities like Building Plan, Property Tax, Water Tax etc. will be made on-line. With this real time activities and seamless transition from manual to computerized processing the complete scenario will be transparent, faster and much easier to use.

The preparation of CDP is taking up plans and programme to urge upon for overall improvement of the Corporation area with infrastructure projects relating to water supply and sanitation, sewerage all over the City, solid waste management, street development, urban transport and redevelopment of old city areas with a view to upgrading infrastructure therein, shifting industrial and commercial establishments to conforming areas, etc. special emphasis on poverty mitigation programmes for the poor and poverty stricken marginalized group. In the corporation, we, therefore, want to take up various development programmes for the urban poor like self employment, vocational training, technical training etc. We also want to give most priority of projects through stakeholders’ consultation, encouraging local unemployed youths for taking part in different development programmes so that we can reach the fruits of development at the grass root level.

Anchoring the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission we focus the development of economic and social infrastructure of urban poor’s, improvement of physical and environmental aspects, strengthening municipal governance and their financial budgeting systems and procedures. We also have focused on creation of structure for bringing in good governance including accountability, transparency. Planned land use distribution is our prime interest. Apart from the CDP, Slum Free City Plan of Action to make India slum free under RAY has been started in Durgapur especially for the urban poor.

Also, our request is not to waste drinking water and appeal to the citizens to take active part for plantation. Because any how we want to save the environment. We hope that through various interactions and so many interface programmes with elected representatives, social activists, citizens and various C.D.S. groups, newer ideas will come up and a consensus can be arrived for preparing a meaningful City Development Plan for the Corporation.

I, on behalf of the Citizen of Durgapur Industrial Belt, the dream city of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the then Chief Minister, which is gradually developed to be declared as Smart City in future by the Govt. of India. In view of the aforesaid status of the City, I like to propose that for amusement and mental development of the children and to create a beautiful spot of Tourism and other amenities like ZOO, SWIMMING POOL, CHILDREN PARK etc. at a pollution free zone at Durgapur so that the children of this city will be encouraged on seeing the proposed Zoo & Swimming Pool etc.