DMC Offering


A beautiful and large arena for football, cricket and other outdoor games situated in neighbor door of National Highway in City Centre Durgapur. Fencing for protection of players has been provided around the lush green playground. Protected entire stadium with boundary wall keeping provision of two main gates for entry of the spectators. Dressing room both for ladies & gents and toilet facility are also available.

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Green gallery for 20000 spects playing arena with green grass, dressing room for both ladies and gents. State level football tournament have already held in this stadium with required infrastructure facility, successful monitoring and warm friendly environment that allowed the participants to get better experience. An ideal praiseworthy (Green) in the heart of Durgapur.


Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium was constructed in the year 1979 beside national highway & M G Road. Recently it has become a complete shape with 4800 seating capacity on gallery with Wooden playing arena, excellent sound system, lighting arrangement, removable Dias and other impressive facility; which can sweat it out on every’s favourite court, table tennis, basket ball, badminton etc. One AC decorated V.I.P. room; additional double/four bedded and dormitory rooms are also available. 1st floor corridor may be used as meeting place. Adequate toilet facility is available inside and outside the indoor stadium. Four main gates inside of East, West & north south have been provided. More as well this stadium can hold national and international indoor games in there. Not only that sidhoo kanhoo indoor stadium is a complete stadium for holding any cultural function and programme without any inconvenience because as there is a beautiful interior with false ceiling.

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Extra facility:
Parking Place, Dressing room for players, AC decorated VIP room, adequate toilet facility inside and outside of stadium.


A beautiful cultural complex of Durgapur Municipal Corporation in the central place of City Centre with beautiful location. This complex consists of three halls. One is “JIBANANANDA HALL” with 1385 seats auditorium with large Dias, beautiful sound & Lighting arrangement with central A.C. Second one is a mini hall namely “BIPIN PALL HALL” with 175 seats and a small Dias with A.C. arrangement ideal for seminar and other small meeting. Third one is A.C. “RAMKINKAR BEJ HALL” is used as art gallery. Meetings with small groups are also can be organised in this hall.

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

IDSMT ( Integrated development of Small and medium town )

Integrated development of Small and medium town programme, a joint venture of Central and state government introduced and implemented within Durgapur city through Durgapur Municipal Corporation authority. The concerned government department selected the under mentioned schemes within this IDSMT programme.Total government grant both state and central was Rs. 450.00 Lakhs.
01. Two Number Truck Terminus
02. Three numbers Community cum marriage hall
03. Crematorium
04. Two numbers market- FI Scheme( Full expenditure incurred by DMC)
This corporation has implemented IDSMT Project viz.
One Truck terminus at PCBL by the side of B.C. Roy Road.
One Truck terminus by the side of J.P. Avenue near Sagarbhanga.
One Community cum marriage hall at City Centre Named “MANGALIK”.
One Community cum marriage hall at Benachity Namaed “ANANDADHARA”.
Community cum marriage hall at Sagarbhanga named “ABHINANDAN”.
Electric Crematorium with two unit wet scrubber at Damodar ghat near Birbhanpur
One Multistoried and ultra modern shopping mall at City Centre name “SUHATTA”.
One Commercial market at Muchipara Name “ SAHID SUKUMAR BIPANI”.


Abhinandan, a community cum marriage hall situated in the outskirts of Sagarbhanga Housing Colony, Durgapur -11 towards Durgapur Station bus stop from Muchipara and by the side of Road from Food Corporation of India towards graphite factory.

The hall is used for all kinds of Social occasions with all convenience from all sites. Parking space available here. Durgapur Main Bazar and Muchipara market within a short distance.

There are lots of rooms for temporary accommodation during any occasion. Provision kept for holding conference, seminar, meeting and other cultural activities.


A Community cum marriage hall completed since year back in Ramkrishnapally Benachity within short destination of main Benachity market.

Though it is a marriage hall, but any other occasion can be held. There is a Community hall therein containing 500 seating capacity with a standard size stage where cultural function, seminar, meetings etc. can be held. Sufficient number of rooms are available that can used during social occasion and cultural programme. Lighting arrangement & sound system in community hall are there.

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium

Sidhu kanhoo indoor stadium


MANGALIK” is a community cum marriage hall situated at City Centre beside Auditorium and Troika Park. This complex is 2 storied building containing numbers of rooms with AC, Dormitory and Community cum dining hall. Adequate space for holding marriage and any other occasion.

Separate kitchen room and open Lawn within the ambits of complex.

  • Rooms are available for temporary accommodation as Boarder.
  • Parking zone with ensured security.
  • Arrangement for Tiffin, Lunch dinner etc. different kind of menu as per requirement by present authorized management.
  • Halls available for seminar, meeting, group discussion and exhibition.
  • Stand by generator is in operating condition during power cut.

Suhatta Shopping Mall

Suhatta Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping mall in the heart of Durgapur City by the inside of National highway just behind of DMC’s main administrative building and City Centre bus stand within short distance. The shopping mall is six storied building with central AC system and has privileged enjoying facility of escalator, elevator and Passenger lift which is first stepping successful achievement within Durgapur city.

There are various shopping centers other than Spencer’s Mall who can compete with other shopping malls in market in latest design & price.

Two wheeler & Car parking Zone available. Security arrangement, Fire protection system incorporated.

ELECTRIC Crematorium

Our electric crematorium namely “SESH NAMASKAR” has been constructed by Durgapur Municipal Corporation in the bank of river Damodar. The Crematorium is double Furnace Unit and with secondary burning chamber. Most modern in its category and Air pollution is nearly Zero.

Shanti Rath

For carry of dead body in decent manner from Hospital residence and finally upto Burning Ghat a Shanti Rath is always ready available at our main Administrative Office. The body chamber of our Shanti Rath is fully Air Conditioned and stainless steel finish.

Ambulance Facility

This corporation is providing Ambulance facility for carrying patients to Hospital within and outside Durgapur Corporation area. This service is available from main administrative building at City Centre and from Parulia Maternity Centre.

Health Service

For the benefit of down trodden & weaker section of our society this Corporation has established Health units are as follows:–

  • Health Centre- At Nadiha & Bhiringi
  • Maternity Centre- At Arjun & Parulia
  • Diagnostic Centre – At Palashdiha and Parulia
  • Primary Health Posts- 8 Nos are at William Caray, Shyampur, Palshdiha, Gopalmath , Srinagarpally, MAMC, Kururia Danga & Sagarbhanga
  • Primary Sub Health Pists- 57 Nos situated at our 43 wards under DMC

Preservation of Surface Water

For eco friendly environment and preservation of sweet potable water this corporation has stressed on Pond cutting for preservation of surface and rain water. In the last few years we have taken at least 40 ponds for digging at different wards of our DMC area.